Aquatic Design Consultants provide professional design and consultation services for quality residential swimming pools and landscaping projects.

Sadly, the swimming pool and landscaping industries have had more than their fair share of "fly - by - night" operators and businesses who deliver much less than they promise and end up charging much more than they originally quote.

Whilst there are some who, of course, offer good products or services with fair pricing, the difficulty is in telling one from the other.

When dealing with separate landscaping or swimming pool construction firms it is often impossible to tell one quote from another and who is offering the best quality, service and value for money.

The key thing to be borne in mind is that undertaking a pool and / or landscaping project, is not simply a matter of digging a hole or moving around some earth, it's a project that requires careful planning and "overseeing" from start to finish, a project which has certain standards that must be maintained.

It sounds simple - it's anything but. For this reason, you should be assured that you are receiving value for money when selecting a swimming pool, landscaping or building firm to undertake your project.

By having all the design and specifications sorted out prior to calling for construction quotations you will avoid the pitfalls of competitive quoting in that every contractor selected will be on an even playing field as they will all be quoting on the same project design and specifications.

We also prepare all necessary Council or Private Certifier application documentation including Architectural, Landscape and Engineering plans and will lodge, follow through and obtain the required Statutory approvals for construction of your project.

Careful planning will often save you substantially on the overall cost of the project as work would be completed in the correct sequence avoiding unnecessary double handling and uncoordinated tradespeople.

Our principal designer has over 25 years design and construction experience in the swimming pool and landscaping industries and we offer the latest design concepts with an extensive knowledge of the most recent swimming pool construction and equipment technology.

So, if you are looking at building a new swimming pool or having some landscaping works done for your new or established property why not contact us today to arrange an initial obligation free site analysis.

Our services are available to New Home Builders and Renovators, Private Home Owners and Owner Builders.